Mapping knowledge gaps about Assisted Reproductive Techniques related to EAZA Ex situ Programme managed populations


  • Anna Kirstine Larsen
  • Mathilde Burchardi DyrlægeRingen
  • Rafaela Fiuza
  • Sofia Boeg Winge
  • Ania T. Brown
  • Kristian Almstrup
  • Christina Hvilsom



Assisted reproductive techniques, conservation, EAZA, EEP, gametes, semen collection


Many species face extinction due to anthropological impacts, leaving ex situ populations as valuable resources for conservation. Assisted reproductive techniques (ART) can broadly be defined as utilising oocytes and spermatozoa to generate offspring. ART holds potential as a conservation tool to support management of threatened populations. So far, what is known about ART use in species managed under the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA) is unmapped. If ART is to be used as a conservation tool to improve population management, it is important to collate available knowledge and assess potential gaps to fill before the tool can be applied. Focusing on 13 selected ART topics, three scientific journal databases were searched for peer-reviewed scientific papers relevant to EAZA Ex situ Programmes (EEPs) through a systematic literature review. A total of 348 papers were found to address one or more of the 13 selected ART topics in an EEP taxon (family, genus, species or subspecies). The majority of papers focus on mammals (88%) followed by fish and birds (7% and 4% respectively). For these animal classes, the ART topics most frequently addressed are semen collection, evaluation and preservation. Only a single paper was found on amphibians, three on reptiles and none were found regarding invertebrates. With the information presented in this review, EEPs with little or no ART-related, peer-reviewed scientific knowledge and which may benefit from increased ART-related research can be identified thus helping to focus ART research and resources and help EEPs meet their conservation goals.


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Larsen, A. K., Burchardi, M., Fiuza, R., Boeg Winge, S., T. Brown, A., Almstrup, K., & Hvilsom, C. (2024). Mapping knowledge gaps about Assisted Reproductive Techniques related to EAZA Ex situ Programme managed populations . Journal of Zoo and Aquarium Research, 12(2), 102–111.



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