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Automated scatter-feeding increases foraging activity of zoo-housed meerkats Suricata suricatta to durations observed in the wild and elicits sentinel behaviour during feedings

Ida Bähler, Karin Federer, Leyla Davis, Sebastian Weber, Anita Burkevica, Sebastian Schneider, Paul Dierkes, Marcus Clauss
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Behaviour and social bonds of African elephant calves under different holding systems in European zoos

Franziska Hoerner, Arne Lawrenz, Karsten Damerau, Ann-Katrin Oerke, Santiago Borragan Santos, Therese Hard, Dennis W. H. Muller, Gela Preisfeld
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Effects of nocturnal outdoor enclosure access on space use and sleep-related behaviour in captive giraffes

Miho Saito, Masayuki Matsunaga, Hiroki Fukuizumi, Masayuki Nakamichi
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Monkeying around on Twitter (now X): How big data and social media can be harnessed by zoos and other animal care facilities to examine public opinion trends

Heather Brooks
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