Haematological and serum biochemistry reference intervals for the Amur leopard (Panthera pardus orientalis)


  • Jessica Bodgener Wildlife Vets International
  • John Lewis Wildlife Vets International




We report the first investigation into sub-species specific haematological and serum biochemistry reference intervals for the Amur leopard (Panthera pardus orientalis). A total of 62 samples were included in this retrospective study. All animals involved were part of the European Endangered species breeding Program. The samples were collected between December 1995 and May 2015. In broad terms the reference intervals reported were consistent with existing available Species 360 data for the species as a whole, albeit with narrower ranges for some parameters. 14 of the 34 amylase results included in the study were found to be unusually high when compared to the Species 360 range. The clinical significance of these values remains unclear, however evidence from the stud book suggests this apparent elevation in amylase levels may be a heritable trait and therefore warrants further investigation. It is hoped the reported reference intervals will not only prove a valuable tool for clinicians dealing with captive animals, but also provide baseline data for any future re-introduction of Amur leopards in the Russian Far East.

Author Biography

John Lewis, Wildlife Vets International

Veterinary Director